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  • How do you charge for services?
    For Airbnb management services, our fee is a 25% of each booking, plus the cleaning fee. For Residential management services, we have a few options, from hourly rates to yearly services, it depends on your specific needs. Let’s talk about how we can customize a solution for you!
  • Is there a minimum length commitment to sign up for your services?
    Yes! Our services are aimed to serve frequent hosts, and we ask hosts to commit to a minimum of 8 months every year.
  • Can you manage my Airbnb rental apart from your other services?
    Yes! Our Airbnb Management services are billed as a percentage of each booking, plus the cleaning fee. You only pay us when we handle a booking.
  • Do you provide Residential Management services for customers who are not planning to Airbnb their home?
    At the moment, we only provide Residential Services for customers looking to Airbnb their home.
  • Is there a contract?
    Yes! A mutually agreed upon contract will outline services and fees, responsibilities, duration, termination clause, and liability.
  • Which areas do you service?
    We currently operate in several towns at Ulster County.
  • Can you help us stage the house before the photographer's arrival?
    Absolutely, our setup fee includes staging. Our designer will visit the site before the shoot to enhance its appearance, giving you a competitive advantage.
  • Can you advise us on what items to purchase to set up our rental?
    Yes, this service is also included in the setup process. We will give you a list of what items are a must for your Airbnb. From hotel quality bedding, towels, toiletries, tableware, and all needed to make sure guests have a wonderful experience and leave 5-star reviews.
  • I am thinking about setting up my home as a short-term rental while we are away for a few months. Does this service cost more?
    Great! And no, it doesn't. If you choose us to fully manage your home, we recommend you sign up for a bundle of services. For Airbnb management services, our fee is a percentage of each booking. For home residential services, our fee can be a stand-alone service or billed as an add-on to our custom bundles. Let’s talk about how we can customize a solution for you!
  • Do I need to have the house cleaned for the photoshoot?
    Yes, the house should be spotless. Just as it would be for a guest’s arrival. We can arrange for our trained cleaning crew to take care of it.
  • I like my landscaping company. Are we required to use your specific maintenance providers?
    No! We will work with any of your existing vendors to ensure that they are doing a great job. While we maintain relationships with approved service providers, we are happy to work with your preferred vendors.
  • What do your concierge services include?
    We tailor our services to fit your guests’ needs. From vetting and booking babysitters to arranging spa services to prepping for dinner parties, we cater to your guests’ needs so that they may enjoy their stay to its fullest.
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