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Pros of Hiring MANAGE THIS HOME as your Airbnb Management Company

If you own a short-term rental or Airbnb property, it’s important to consider how your property will be managed. Here at Manage This Home, we believe you’ll benefit most as a property owner by using the services of a professional management company such as us.

We’re going to talk today about some of the key benefits you can expect to get when you choose Manage This Home and some of the prices you might end up paying if you select an inferior property management company. So read on now to find out more.

The Pros of Hiring Manage This Home

There are lots of benefits that come with hiring a good property management company. First and foremost, you get more time to yourself because you have to do less work to maintain the property and keep up with all of the things that are required to be done, such as cleaning and maintenance work.

You’ll have the freedom to earn money by renting out your property, without having to do all the hard work yourself. It provides you with a lot more in the way of flexibility and that’s certainly a big benefit to many people who don’t have the time to manage the property themselves on a full-time basis.

The home will be kept properly clean and tidy all-year round when you choose to use the services of a management company. Making use of a professional service means benefiting from professional outcomes in terms of repairs and maintenance in the home.

Your guests will benefit from faster response times when they have problems or questions they need answer to ahead of or during their stay on your property. This is important because it also helps to improve the guest experience and encourage an increase in the conversion rate.

The right services will also offer a round the clock services and a point of emergency contact. The service you benefit from will come with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the entire process of renting out properties on a short-term basis. That means full compliance with the rules of platforms like Airbnb.

The service you use will also be able to benefit from local professionals that are already known and trusted. You won’t have to find your own maintenance professionals and repair people.

What this all boils down to is maximum occupancy, the highest nightly rates and a financial return you’ll be happy with. That’s what Manage This Home is proud to offer.

The Cons of Hiring a Bad Short-Term Property Management Company

If you choose a property management company that’s not up to scratch and not willing to dedicate their time and resources to your property, you’ll lose out in a variety of ways. First of all, you might end up taking on more responsibilities yourself. That could mean having to do more cleaning and maintenance and dealing with guest issues yourself.

When a company isn’t dedicating their time and resources to listing your property well, it’ll mean that it ends up with a lower rate of occupancy that’s obviously not what you want. Nightly rates might then fall and all of that adds up to less profit for you.

It’s not just you who’ll lose out though; it’s also your guests. When your guests aren’t catered for and look after before, during and after their stay at your property, they’ll be far more likely to leave negative reviews. And that, of course, will make it harder to find future guests to stay there.

Guests will also feel less of a personal touch and won’t feel as if they’re getting a top level experience. That’s what many people are looking for, but it takes the right kind of property management service to achieve it. It’s also the case that damage to the property or items going missing won’t be spotted if the management company isn’t paying close attention or offering a comprehensive service.

Make the Most of What Manage This Home Have to Offer

We fully recommend you seek out a small and locally-based short-term management company such as Manage This Home. That way, you know you’ll get the attention your property needs and deserves, and you won’t just be one of many properties on the books, which might be the case you choose a larger but less dedicated property management company. Additionally, you will be helping employ local people, in need of jobs.

Many of those larger companies won’t dedicate the time and resources to listing your property well if they don’t see financial gain in it. Whereas with Manage This Home, you’ll have our full dedication at all times.

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