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If you own property in Catskills or the surrounding areas of Hudson Valley and are considering renting it out on Airbnb, it’s essential to find a property management partner you trust to handle the needs of your residential investment. From finding and vetting the perfect clients for your property to managing their experience ensuring they leave with exceptional memories, to handling and dispersing payments, or handling monthly accounting needs and repair requests, managing a successful Airbnb is a full-time job. Without the right professionals on your side, you'll be left handling the needs of your rental home solo and having less time to enjoy the things that matter most. 

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Goura Rivera,

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Originally from Bolivia, his roots are in North Florida, where he graduated with a B.A from the University of Florida School of Architecture and has built his career in New York City as a Hospitality Entrepreneur and Real Estate Agent. Passionate about living in different cities and exploring the world, he’s also lived in Italy, India, and South America. New York captured his heart though, and he’s called the city his home since 2008.


Goura is passionate about architecture, travel, real estate, and design. His trips around the globe enable him to provide a unique perspective to vacation homes and ensure that the Airbnb experience is exceptional for both guests and homeowners.


Erika and Goura started working together in 2010, managing and expanding a boutique hotel in the East Village, NYC. Later in 2012 they opened an aparthotel business in Midtown Manhattan, hosting 6,000 families from over 150 countries, providing the ability to mix business/pleasure with the comfort of home living during their stay.

Erika Sampaio,

has over a decade of hospitality experience, beginning her career at Hilton Hotels and managing executive stay apartments in Manhattan. 

Erika’s career has spanned traditional hospitality, high-demand five-star hotels, and creating a vacation rental business from the ground up. 


With her unique understanding of the hospitality market, ability to set up profitable spaces, and valuable network of services, Erika thrives on creating personalized and organized packages for an exclusive set of clients.


As a full-service Airbnb property manager in the Catskills, Erika creates a trustworthy and reliable partnership with her clients, enabling her to use a vast service provider network and experience to create a bespoke experience for both clients and their guests. 


Erika graduated in Marketing and has a Masters in Entrepreneurship. She is certified in Property Management by New York Real Estate Institute, and Hospitality Management by Cornell University. 

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Our Difference

lies not just in our traditional background, but also within the technology and training processes that we have used throughout the years to maximize revenue, and guest experiences. 

We are excited to bring the utmost standards, reliability, and results to Airbnb homes in the Catskills.

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What our clients
Say about us

Manage This Home has been instrumental to the start and continued success of our home sharing goals. The combination of Erika’s professional experience and elite eye for personal and customized details makes MTH a management partner that significantly outperforms other operators.

Jason and Olga

Client since April 2021



August 2021

The house is as described and the backyard is lush! The tea does not have phone connectivity and you will lose connection about 10 mins before you get to the location. It would be good to download offline maps for this reason. We enjoyed our stay and found it comfortable. Erika was responsive to all questions. Our dog loved the backyard. We will be back! 



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